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Why Ganja Yoga?

It’s true both cannabis and yoga are separately effective, thus combining them has been proven to cultivate superpowers! (ok, the last part not so much, but don’t kill my buzz!)

This sacred combination is a match made in heaven, no wonder why many of the great sages, yogis, and mystics have used cannabis to attain enlightenment. In our modern Western world, our lives are so full of the need to “achieve” to feel worthy, which leaves most people feeling like they’re barely hanging on. We have a tendency to get stuck in this linear, thinking mind and cannabis-enhanced yoga can bring us out of our minds & more into our bodies.

Weaving plant medicine into a mindful yoga practice can guide us into ease and relaxation, which is key to our well being. As good as it feels to relax, people can tend to feel like its an impossible task to achieve on their own!

We have so many ways to “get connected”, from television, to internet, cell phones, video games, and social media, yet we have no connection to this precious vessel that is this body. Cannabis-enhanced yoga is more mindful and slow practice, inviting a deeper connection to your somatic intelligence.

Plus, everything is more fun when you’re high!