Socializing cannabis one yoga class at a time.

With the recent passing of Prop 64, legalization of recreational use for cannabis, people everywhere are getting interested in the cannabis-enhanced yoga experience. Slowly emerging from this pot prohibition we don’t have the public spaces to consume together, so it’s up to us to create these spaces! Brandee creates a vibe, making sure everyone feels comfortable as soon as they step foot into the space. The goal of her Ganja Yoga classes is to bring like-minded people together, and showing a new way to think about cannabis and yoga! The fusion of sacred herb and practice brings people deeper within their bodies. Whether you come for the zen or just to socialize, smoke, and stretch, cannabis enhanced yoga benefits us all down to a cellular level.

Cannabis-enhanced yoga

Venice, California

We beseech, kindle the perfect ambrosia: the supreme nectar of sacred knowledge, the sacramental substance, here for all assembled yogis.”
— The Mahakala Tantra
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