Cannabis as medicine.


History/herstory in the making…..

The curtain is closing…on nearly a century long period of the prohibition on Cannabis

After nearly a century long (period) prohibition on Cannabis….

We’re nearing the end… of nearly a century long prohibition on Cannabis. However, we can’t just expect the stigma to be so easily undone/reversed. I feel like we can’t talk about cannabis as medicine unless we first acknowledge the influence the prohibition and the “War on Drugs” had on a few generations of our families. I mean really…one of my eldest family members won’t entertain the idea of treating his cancer and its awful symptoms with cannabis of any sort because in his words, “It’s just wrong.”

Some of us benefitting from the plant have been ahead of the game for years, and are aware that it is medicine. I know first hand that cannabis has significantly reduced my anxiety and symptoms of PMS for upwards of 20 years. (Sorry not sorry, Mom!) Don’t get me wrong, while I am so stoked that more science and education is starting to make it’s rounds, we still have a lot of bullshit to unpack.

One of the most powerful traits the Spirit of this plant harnesses is that ability to bring us all together in peace and harmony. Studies show that MOST of us ARE using it, and we’re using it in ways that heal our body, mind, and soul, no matter our different socio-economic backgrounds, various ages, or abilities,. She brings us all together in perfect union, how beautiful is that?

So lets start to unpack some of the many benefits cannabis offers:

Reduces/relieves the following:


Two decades of studies have brought forward, that Cannabis is a stronger and safer anti-inflammatory than ibuprofen or other NSAIDS.

It has been proven to slow down progression & relieve symptoms associated with AIDS.

Studies are also finding that it slows down cancer cells and in some cases has reversed tumor growth.

It is also worth mentioning that is has aided many cancer survivors in bring back their appetite after treatments.

In other scenarios, it has been shown to help people at the end of their lives, making their transition as peaceful and painless as possible.

Diabetes? Yep it helps to improve blood-sugar levels.

Isn’t this plant amazing?

Oh, and another cool fact I’d like to mention…remember the eggs frying in the pan with a voice over saying “This is your brain on drugs.”? Well, THEY LIED! Cannabis is proven to be a neuroprotectant, meaning it actually protects your brain from oxidation and degeneration.

This is only a quick glimpse into the benefits of the miraculous plant that is Mama Ganja.

I’m so excited for the future of this plant and have all the confidence in the world that the coming generations will do justice to this flower of life!

FUN FACT: Did you know there is a way to further break down the medicinal effects a strain may have on you, rather than just Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? I’ll unpack a little about Terpenes in my next blog post. For now, lets spark one and pause to receive the healing benefits the plant so willingly provides.

Peace, Love, Ganja Yoga <3

Ganja Yoga for newbies!

Roll one and spark it if you’ve got it.

Let’s chat!

New to cannabis, yoga, or both? it can be a bit overwhelming. I understand. It took me a long time to finally walk into a yoga studio for the first time. It took me even longer to be comfortable & open about my cannabis use after recovering from a pharmaceutical addiction years ago.

Mainly, what I want you to know is overcoming the anxiety about going to a Ganja Yoga class is the hardest part! If you’re ready to come to a Ganja Yoga event one thing to remember’s all about inclusion! Every smoke circle I’ve ever been in has been inclusive; we all gather together no matter your background, ethnicity, sexual orientation/preference, religion and we toke and we do it without all of the bullshit...ya feel me?

Have you ever said “I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga!”

I hear so many self doubting comments when I mention yoga to people who have never tried it before and that one is the most prevalent. 
Question: Who is flexible if you don't stretch or do yoga on a regular basis???
Answer: no one.

That’s why we come to yoga!

Yoga is a practice that will meet you exactly where you are and that’s what I try to drive home in my classes. There is significant importance in cultivating a compassionate practice, I always want my students to feel into their edge/level of energy for the day and honor that space.

What about being afraid of *gasp* farting on the mat?

This may sound strange but I SERIOUSLY get this as the second most popular response when I ask someone to come to yoga!

All I can say happens to the best of us...shit happens, literally.

My first class I taught, I had on a crop top so my mid sections was bare, I was all sweaty & as I laid us all down on our backs BOOM my lower back farted. OK I get it maybe it wasn’t a real fart, but the students did’t know that!!! Of course I wanted to die but I got over it. 

P.S. I’ve also really let one slip once and I wanted to run out of the class but I didn’t and now I laugh about it! It’s all good!!

So now that we’re cool about getting on the yoga mat, let’s talk cannabis!

Adding cannabis to a yoga practice can help you to relax and ease some of that beginner’s anxiety you might be experiencing about trying yoga. 

Whether you start at home or come straight to a Ganja Yoga event, hopefully after reading this you feel more confident about toking & getting on your mat!

If you start at home, I recommend you have a playlist made especially for this self-care session, include some of your favorite jams to get high and mellow out to! (you can also visit my Spotify at @easybreezy for some Ganja Yoga playlists!) Next, set a time where you know you won’t be interrupted, dim the lights, light some candles, and set up a space where you can roll a joint or pack a bowl while you’re sitting on your mat. (I’ll talk about setting intentions next week!) Finally, just start moving in ways that feel good for your body and see if you can link your movement to the flow of your breath! You can even find a cool yoga class like this one on youtube from Dee Dussault, my mentor, & author and creator of Ganja Yoga.

If you’re new to consuming why not start with a low dose? Cultivating a healthy relationship with cannabis means to listen to your body and gauge the dosage from that feedback. I would say take it hit by hit if you’re smoking. For edibles a low dose is considered around 2-5mg, I would recommend this for your first time. THIS IS BY NO MEANS medical advice I’m just saying start low! I’ve been eating edibles for many years and I have a high tolerance. I eat around 40-50mg but that is waaaaaayyy to much for some and not hardly enough for others.

We have to be responsible for cultivating our own relationships with the plant because we are all so different in our responses to her, She is to be respected and consumed with deep reverence. Also, each Ganja Yoga class has a CBD tincture available for everyone's use. CBD can help to alleviate any of the negative side effects from THC. It will also help mellow out the psycho-active effect so it’s nice to take after the class is finished! OR using that as your option of consuming rather than any THC product at the classes. Remember, there is NEVER any pressure to consume!

Are you excited to get to an event yet!?!?! LETS GOOOO!!!!! There is one coming up soon!!